Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistakes


affiliate marketing mistakes

What are some of the biggest affiliate marketing mistakes, or challenges that affiliates are faced with?

Top Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

I think a lot of affiliates under analyze and jump around too much.

Jumping Around

I think one of the biggest affiliate marketing mistakes is affiliates that jump around too much. They move from thing to thing because they’re always looking for that magic. What’s that magic ad they can launch that’ll just make them money? Or what’s that magic combination of targeting, landing page and offer that’s just going work and make money?

And some affiliates do find it (that magic), but they never learn marketing and they just go from trick, to trick, to trick. Maybe they’re just a one-trick pony, whatever. The point is they’re never learning anything and it’s always going be an amorphous business for that person.

So jumping around I’d say is the biggest mistake affiliates are making today.

Under Analysis

The next biggest thing I’d say is under analysis. Not learning, not having an understanding of how to analyze data.

  • What each column of data means.
  • If you’re CTR is too low on a particular ad, how do you how do you fix that?
  • Or if your CTR is too high (yes it’s possible) on a particular ad, what might you want to look into to fix that?
  • What problems might happen if your CTR is too high on that landing pages?
  • And what is an acceptable range of CTR and what is good and bad on that?
  • What is a good conversion rate on an offer?
  • What’s a good conversion rate on mobile or desktop?
  • And how to analyze to make those those better?
  • Why you need to watch your frequency.
  • And why you need to care about your reach.
  • why you need to care about your impression, share, etc.

Knowing the Basics

I don’t think people know the very basics of affiliate marketing at the end of the day.

Affiliate marketing is math, it’s mathematical. That’s great because it’s very simple for anybody to grasp which is wonderful. It’s just an emerging science, but too few people are actually taking affiliate marketing serious.

There’s scientific and mathematical elements of affiliate marketing and the average affiliate is just looking for magic combinations to make money and never building a skill in the process.

I’d say overall, the biggest mistake is affiliates are never building. They’re looking for magic combinations and they’re never focused on building skills.


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