How to Make Extra Money from Home


how to make money from home

Many people have come to a realization that they are not limited to one income source, and it is not compulsory to have a job in an office to make money. People have come to know that there are some unique gainful opportunities available for them to make extra cash. People can now make money in the comfort of their homes.

Below are some ways on how you can earn extra cash from your home.

Using your iPhone or Android phone

There are many apps that require you to perform simple tasks like photographing a menu or yourself taking a Starbucks, or confirming that a particular road is sealed. The apps include Juno wallet, WeReward, CheckPoints as well as Gigwalk. is a website that links people who offer services like giving guitar lessons or walking someone’s dog with buyers who are searching for the services. The facilities usually are in high demand, and it is advisable to check out the site for a task that you can perform.

Teach language classes online

In Asia, English speakers are in high demand, which results in most people learning English on a freelance basis on sites like This website is a simulated online classroom for teachers (freelance) as well as students. Anyone can teach at their set price, and anyone can apply for lessons. $15 – $20 per hour is a reasonable expectation.

Car or room renting

Renting out some of your belongings can make earning money very easy for you. If you have an empty place that you do not use, you can rent it out. Travellers, as well as tourists, are willing to pay for staying at your house which earns you quick cash. You can rent the rooms that are empty when you go for your holiday. The best platform for this is Airbnb. Also, you can rent out your car together with its parking spot, which can benefit you, especially if you stay in a busy city where many people will require this.

Be someone’s “friend”

You can get paid for being someone‚Äôs friend. Some sites offer various options to meet people in need of friends, like “Rent a Friend” and “Rent a Local Friend”. You can make a lot of money by being friendly, confident and sociable. You are supposed to do stuff like go to the cinema, going to an event and or walking around. The pay starts at $10 an hour, which makes it a fantastic deal.


Commenting and posting on forums and sites

This opportunity is best for you if you are willing to sit in front of your computer and make quick cash. Various genuine websites pay users ready to post or comment on specific blogs, forums as well as sites. You can write based on any topic, give an opinion and make suggestions. Try sounding natural. Besides, have fun since that will be evident in the words you use. Some legitimate sites are; Paid forum posting, ForumCoin, and Postloop.

That’s it.

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