How to Make Money Online with eBay


make money online from eBay

In this post we’re going to talk about how you can make money online from eBay. You can earn $25, $45 and even $50 or more today just doing one simple thing. I don’t even need to do a video to demonstrate this because this is how simple it is.

NOTE: If you haven’t used eBay before, unfortunately this is not a post that’s going to teach you how to use eBay. There’s many ways to figure that out on your own. Lots of free information can be found online.

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How to Make Money Online from eBay

Go to and then I just want you to put into the search field websites for sale. Now you can look at the websites that are available. Once you sign-up for a eBay account, you can actually purchase one of these websites.

ebay search field

The Idea

Now here’s the idea. When people go to eBay they’re looking for bargains. They’re looking for deals, they’re not looking for premium prices for things. So what happens is the websites sold on eBay, even if they have great value, are for the most part, sold at a far lesser price on eBay than they would at other premium website flipping sites.

What to Do

So this is what I’ve done. I’ve done it plenty of times and made a quick dollar. And you don’t even have to make a quick dollar with this. I’ll tell you some of the ways that can happen.

So, you can buy now a site off of eBay. Then there are two places I recommend that you can go after. You are going to put the website, (the same one you just bought), onto one of these premium sites. And you’re going to sell it for about $25-$50 or more than you bought it for on eBay.

So what you do is you go to eBay and you buy a website. Then you resell it on or on any number of sites where you can sell ready-made websites. You’ll have to create an account, put the website up and I think you’ll be surprised at the profits you can make.

How Much You Can Earn

I don’t want to hype this, but sometimes you will actually find a site that you buy very cheap on eBay. And sometimes when you resell it on Flippa, that price will shoot up. But it doesn’t happen all the time.

If you’re looking for a safe way to make $25-$50 dollars then this is a great way to get it going.

Why This Works

People are willing to pay you a premium price because they’re on a premium site. When they go to eBay they expect bargains. When they go to a premium site to buy websites, well, they expect to pay a few more dollars. This is kind of like buying wholesale and selling retail. It’s really not that hard to make money online from eBay using Flippa.


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