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work from home opportunities

Work from home opportunities promise extra income, flexible hours and the inviable dress code of slippers and sweatpants. The trick of course is finding legitimate, well-paid jobs, because there are plenty of work at home scams out there.

Top 3 Work from Home Opportunities

I came up with a list of the best work from home opportunities and identified actual companies that hire home-based workers in these fields. To weed out scammers, I also checked out companies with the Better Business Bureau or professional associations.

1. Virtual Assistants

The demand for virtual assistants is growing. The job requires at least a high school education and candidates must be able to juggle calls and multiple clients. Companies such as Zirtual connects busy professionals and companies with full and part-time virtual assistants and pays assistants $10 to $12 an hour.

Full time Zirtual assistants also qualify for benefits. Most virtual assistants are contractors, not employees. As such, they operate out of their homes as independent businesses with several part-time clients.

2. Freelance Translator

If you speak at least two languages and have an internet connection, you’re well on your way to becoming a home-based translator. Many firms are looking to hire multilingual people to freelance translations of business documents, consumer websites and academic papers.

Pay ranges from $15 to $28 an hour and a bachelor’s degree is required. Preference is typically given to applicants who speak in-demand languages such as Chinese and Japanese and have backgrounds that would help in translating technical materials. Firms such as SDL hire freelance translators to work from home.

3. Freelance Web Developer

The growing popularity of e-commerce and mobile devices is fueling demand for people who can design and maintain websites. While many companies have full-time web developers on staff, plenty of them hire freelance developers for both one-off projects and ongoing support.

About 25% of web developers work from themselves and earn between $21-$41 dollars an hour. The preferred education level is at least an associate’s degree. Web developers can find thousands of projects listed on the freelance job sites like Upwork.

Another great work at home opportunity you might consider

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